pool Our Montage Pool, Pet and Play (PPP) is an ideal choice for a dog fence, pool fence or child safety fence. It was created to combat safety concerns related to each application, the primary concern being picket spacing.

Reduced Picket Spacing

Designed with reduced picket spacing, the Montage Pool, Pet and Play prohibits small dogs and children from easily squeezing through; unlike the typical 4” – 6” space on traditional ornamental fences. The 3” space also exceeds requirements for most pool codes for decorative fences. The Montage Plus Pet, Pool, and Play ornamental steel fence is the best backyard fence solution for complete peace of mind regarding your family and pets.

As an added benefit, the reduced space between the pickets increases the number of picket-to-rail welds thus making this metal fence a strong and durable choice for backyard activities.

The best of both worlds

Montage Plus Pet, Pool, & Play fencing is a welded steel fence that brings together the attractive and elegant look of wrought iron fencing with a maintenance free E-coat finish, making this an ornamental steel fence that is manufactured using proven technology from the automotive and aerospace industry. See the product features at right for more details on the Montage Pool, Pet, and Play fusion welded fence fabrication process and E-coat total coverage coating method.

  • 2-rail panels in 3′, 3½’ and 4′ heights, with a standard or flush bottom rail (available in Majestic or Gemini only)
  • 3-rail panels in 3′, 3½’ , 4′, 5′ and 6′ heights, with a standard or flush bottom rail (41/2′ Majestic panels available with flush bottom rail only)

Available in these styles: